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Due a Tax Rebate?

Due a Tax Rebate?

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 Am I eligible to claim?

You are eligible to claim a tax refund if you have paid tax in the UK. Taxpayers can claim a tax refund for working from home, wearing a uniform at work, and for certain professional and union fees.

A trustworthy service?

We are proud to have processed more than 320,000 claims and refunded over £11.5 million from HMRC to our clients since 2014. With over 28,000 reviews on Trustpilot, we have a strong track record of customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

Apply online in under 3 minutes to begin your claim and we will contact you to complete the final steps before we submit your claim.

Tax Returned is a service you can rely on:

Tax Returned Limited is an English limited company, incorporated under The Companies Act 2006, number 08828062

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