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About Us

We have processed more than 320,000 claims to date, and sent out over £11.5 million in tax refunds. Largest single refund £8,614.

We are a private limited service provider, specialising in reclaiming overpaid tax for all taxpayers. We have simplified the claim process by creating a user friendly platform and claim form to ensure that you receive the maximum refund in the shortest possible time.

Why might I be due a tax refund?

You may be entitled to claim tax relief on work related expenses, union fees and the cost of washing your uniform (if applicable). You may also be due a tax refund if you have been issued with an incorrect tax code.

What allowances can I claim?

You are entitled to tax relief for certain subscription/union fees, for washing your own uniform and for tools & equipment that you have purchased to perform your job. You can also claim a tax deduction for purchasing your own uniform/shoes which is used exclusively to perform your job.

How much am I due back?

Select your industry on our tax calculator and you will receive an instant tax refund estimate.

Free Tax Rebate Estimate

Choose your industry and amount of years to claim and we will estimate your refund.

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