Agent Authorisation -

Agent Authorisation

In order for us to perform our service, we may need to obtain information from HMRC on your behalf. Signing a Form 64-8 and providing us with Digital Access (Online) will allow us to better manage your tax affairs.

What is a Form 64-8?

A Form 64-8 is an HMRC form that allows us to discuss your tax affairs with HMRC. Form 64-8 authorises us as your tax agent, which means we can find out if you are due a refund and provide information to HMRC. We need to do this to prepare and submit claims on your behalf. We will remain your tax agent until either we or you remove that authority, or you authorise another tax agent.

What is a Deed of Assignment?

A Deed of Assignment is a contract that nominates us to receive tax refunds on your behalf for specific years. We need the Deed of Assignment because it streamlines the claim process and reduces your involvement. The Deed of Assignment is included on your claim form, and it is limited to the years specified on your claim form. We can only remove the Deed of Assignment by mutual consent (both our agreement).

What is Digital Access (Online)?

You are able to provide us with digital access to view your HMRC Personal Tax Account and review the last five years of your PAYE tax record. We need this so we can establish if you are eligible for our services and if you are due a refund. We will send you a secure link, requesting your consent to allow us access to view your information. You can remove our online agent access anytime by logging into your Personal Tax Account.

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