Agent Authorisation -

Agent Authorisation

In order for us to perform our service, we may need to obtain information from HMRC on your behalf. Signing a Form 64-8 and providing us with Digital Access (Online) will allow us to better manage your tax affairs.

What is a Form 64-8?

A Form 64-8 gives authority for HMRC to discuss and disclose information regarding your tax affairs. By signing and submitting our 64-8, you are appointing us to act as your Tax Agent with HMRC. As your appointed Tax Agent, we are able to communicate with HMRC on your behalf, and HMRC may send us information about your tax affairs. As your Tax Agent, we may be able to identify any overpayments in tax. Your 64-8 will remain in place (as your acting tax agent) until such time as it is revoked by yourself or superseded by a different Tax Agent. You have the ability to revoke your 64-8 by contacting HMRC at any point.

What is a Deed of Assignment?

A deed or letter of assignment (DOA) is a legally binding agreement which allows HMRC to release your refund to your Tax Agent on your behalf. The DOA is only valid for the claim period specified on the form. The DOA can be found at the bottom of your claim form, and requires your signature in order for us to progress with your tax refund claim. A DOA may be revoked by sending a written letter to HMRC, signed by both parties.

What is Digital Access (Online)?

You will be given the opportunity to provide us with access to your PAYE income record to allow us to better manage your tax affairs. Your income record includes details on the following for the last four tax years: who you have worked for; PAYE income; taxable benefits received; pension information; PAYE employment start and end dates. We will send you a link to HMRC’s website to facilitate the process where you will be asked to provide your consent to grant us access to the above. You can withdraw our digital access at any point by logging into your Personal Tax Account.

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