Fees -

With our no win, no fee guarantee – we are ONLY entitled to a fee if you are entitled to a REFUND. Just having the peace of mind in knowing that your tax code is correct and you are paying the correct tax is a great result. That’s our gift to you for using our service, and comes at NO CHARGE.

Our Fee

If you are one of the millions of taxpayers in the UK that IS entitled to a tax refund, then we will ensure that we obtain the maximum refund that you are due.

Our fee of 28% (plus VAT) per refund covers our time, expertise, and hours of potentially frustrating correspondence with the tax office on your behalf (subject to a minimum fee of £35 plus VAT, deducted from your refund). We like to be upfront about our fees as we have nothing to hide. No refund = No fee.

The best news of all is that you will receive 100% of the increase to your net pay going forward as a result of your new allowances – that’s all part of our service!

With nothing to lose, and only to gain….we feel compelled to use the old classic cliché – “It’s a no brainer”.

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