Pension Tax Refund - Claim your tax refund now!


Have I overpaid Tax on my Pension withdrawal?

Did you know, up to 25% of Pension withdrawals are tax free.

(HMRC Pension schemes newsletter 106, January 2019)

The highest refund to date is £7,919.51!*

*This figure is based on the highest pension related refund recovered so far. Your actual refund amount may differ.

If you have withdrawn from your Pension Fund, taken a Lump Sum, Drawdown or
have purchased an Annuity, you may be due a tax refund.

Illustrative example of a Pension tax refund:

Keith Pension Tax ReturnKeith Sheppard has been contributing towards his pension for over 30 years. He recently retired and wants to take his wife Samantha on a cruise (with a balcony) as well as do some repairs to their property.

He completes his tax rebate pension application using our online form and receives a tax refund of £6,152.55 a few weeks later that enables him to treat his wife and live more comfortably!

Below is a breakdown of his tax rebate – as per HMRC legislation, he was able to claim back overpaid tax on his pension:

Keith withdrew from his pension £22,096.19
HMRC taxed him £8,371.75
We claimed back on behalf of Keith £6,152.55

Our specialised Pension Advisory team are here for you every step of the way!

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