Self Assessments

Taxpayers are required to pay tax via self-assessment on all income earned which has not been taxed under the Pay As You Earn system.

Who needs to file a return?

Taxpayers who are self-employed; claiming tax relief on expenses greater than £2,500; earn above £100,000 per annum; have foreign income; serve as a company director or partner; earn above £50,000 and are claiming child benefit.

How does it work?

Register your interest with us and we will get in touch with you directly in order to walk you through the entire process. We have developed a sophisticated and streamlined process that saves you time and significantly reduces your costs.

What do we offer?

Our tax experts have over a decade of experience in dealing with both simple and complicated tax matters. We’ve reclaimed more than £4.5million in tax refunds to date and pride ourselves on excellent customer service and integrity.

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